Most-Viewed Documents on JD Supra: March, 2010

For your reference, here’s a look at some of the top-viewed client alerts, articles, blog posts, and filings on JD Supra for March, 2010.

1. The Valukas Report on the Lehman Collapse and E-discovery: Stratify and CaseLogistix Win the Day
[By: The Posse List | In: Finance & Banking; eDiscovery]

2. In re Celebrity Resorts, LLC: Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Case Summary
[By: Randall Reese, netDockets |In: Bankruptcy Law]

3. Hiring Incentives To Restore Employment Act Signed Into Law
[By: Fox Rothschild  |In: Labor & Employment, Tax Law]

4. Toyota, NHTSA Investigating California Runaway Prius Incident
[By: Robert Kraft |In: Consumer Protection]

5. President Signs HIRE Act – Allows Direct Subsidies for Issuers of Certain Qualified Tax Credit Bonds
[By: Edwards Angell | Labor & Employment, Tax Law]

6. Health Care Reform to Impact Employers
[By: Schottenstein Zox & Dunn Co. |In: Health Law, Labor & Employment]

7. Impact of Federal Estate Tax Repeal Effective in 2010
[By: Miller & Martin PLLC |In: Wills, Trusts & Estates, Tax Law]

8. Seven Things to Know About Loan Modifications to Save You Time and Money
[By: Jeff Butler PEARSON & BUTLER |In: Real Estate, Bankruptcy]

9. Jones v. Harris Associates: Supreme Court Decision on Mutual Fund Fees
[By: Doug Cornelius  |In: Securities Law]

10. When Window Dressing Becomes Fraud: Repo 105 Was Much More Than Window Dressing 101
[By: Barry Epstein Russell Novak & Co | In: Finance & Banking, Securities Law]

11. What Not To Do Before Filing Bankruptcy
[By:Denise Brown |In: Consumer Protection, Bankruptcy]

12. False Patent Marking: The Next Frontier for IP Litigation
[By: Morrison & Foerster |In: Intellectual Property, Commercial Law & Contracts]

13. The Neufeld Memo Can Change The Whole H-1B Nonimmigrant Visa Landscape in the U.S.
[By: Nachman & Associates, P.C. |In: Immigration Law, Labor & Employment Law]

14. Delayed Diagnosis of Spinal Tumor Results in $47,950,000 Medical Malpractice Jury Verdict
[By: John Hochfelder |In: Personal Injury, Civil Procedure]

15. New Michigan “No Smoking” Law
[By: Warner Norcross & Judd |In: Labor & Employment Law]

16. New Help From Government to Accelerate Short Sales
[By: Doron Eghbali Law Advocate Group, LLP |In: Real Estate Law]

17. In re Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.: 
Report of Court-Appointed Examiner (Vol1)
[By: netDockets |In: Bankruptcy, Finance & Banking]

18. Social Media Concerns for Litigators
[By: Mary Volk TexasBarCLE |In: Law Practice]

19. IMMIGRATION REFORM: The One Sided Debate
[By: Bashyam Spiro, LLP |In: Immigration Law]

20. SCOTUS Confirms Chapter 13 Can Include Student Loan
[By: Sands Anderson PC |In: Bankruptcy]

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