LinkedIn for Lawyers: A “How-to” Reading List

For your reference, a list of articles to help you make the most of professional networking platform LinkedIn.

LinkedIn might need no introduction (according to Steve Matthews, as of June, 2009, 840k legal professionals use the service), but do you know how to make the most of your time on the site?

LinkedIn for Lawyers: A “How-to” Reading List

Additional resources:

Be sure to check in with the original LinkedIn Lawyer, David Barrett, who for some time has managed one of the biggest LinkedIn legal networks – and knows a thing or two about how to use the site. (Check in here for a list of LinkedIn legal groups, as curated by David.)

Other LinkedIn groups: Legal Innovation, Legal Marketing, Legal Tweeters, Legal Blogging, and Legal Professionals on JD Supra. Join what interests you – jump into the conversation.

Do you have any favorite LinkedIn resources to add to the mix? Leave a comment or connect with me (on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, the local coffee shop) and I’ll include your link.