Content Marketing in 2010: Good News for Lawyers

I’m a fan of author and speaker Joe Pulizzi – he’s written the book on Content Marketing (Get Content Get Customers; highly recommended if you don’t already know it). Joe’s e-digest of marketing articles is one of those emails I still very much look forward to reading every week.

Recently Joe put together 100 Social Media & Content Marketing Predictions for 2010, a collection of thoughts and opinions by some of the best and the brightest in this field.

I recommend reading the entire post. In the meantime, here are a few choice excerpts from the original. Highlights for any legal professional using content to showcase expertise and market their service online.

100 Social Media & Content Marketing Predictions for 2010 – excerpted…

From Jason Falls:

…I think more will become aware that making content highly portable is
the key to engaging an ever-more-mobile audience. Whether it’s
implementing RSS and mobile feeds on a website, funneling brand
messages to social networks, etc., I think more will start to see the
power of content distribution and customer engagement through that
. 2009 was about learning social media. 2010 will be about
figuring out how to use it well.

From Brian Halligan:

…I think 2010 is the year brand marketers figure out that interrupting
their way into people’s lives through advertisements just does not work
anymore as we consumers are sick-and-tired of being marketed to and are
getting better-and-better at blocking the interruptions out …  They will start creating remarkable
content that spreads via social media
, draws in links from other
content creators, and ranks in Google’s search engine.

From David Meerman Scott:

…The phrase “social media” will soon be considered obsolete as more and more organizations publish online content.

From Scott Abel:

…User expectations have changed and consumers are no longer willing to
settle for mediocre experiences. Today, they expect all content to be
accessible, consumable, and shareable – no excuses.

From Simon Payn:

…Marketers will get more feisty and opinionated in their content to
build trust with their best prospects and clients. I’ve tried it…and
it works!

From Mike Arauz:

…Transparency FTW!

From Kim Kleeman:

…there will be a clear division between quality customized content and
content created in a factory-like fashion. Just like junk mail began to
dilute our mail system, poorly created content will become a nuisance.
If you are looking to protect and market your brand, focus on engaging
your customers with content that will build trust and the relationship
your brand seeks.

From Nettie Hartsock:

…more brand marketers will come to understand that
content is only valuable if it is deeply rooted in their expertise.
They will stop creating “bait and switch” content and instead empower
content that is free, extraordinarily valuable and not “back to me –
yakkity yak content.”

From Jon Wuebben:

…more companies will understand the value and effectiveness of content:
creating and distributing it, but also leveraging it. How will brand
marketers do it in 2010? By having a presence in the blogosphere, in
social networking, in local search and everywhere their customers and
potential customers are online

And a favorite, from Don Philabaum:

…A global shortage of electricity will require content producers to
distribute content in wheel barrows and deliver content from door to

That last prediction notwithstanding, we think these are exciting times for the legal profession. As we’ve written elsewhere, many lawyers are prolific writers – and that can put you ahead of the game in an online landscape where quality content counts for so much.

Here’s looking forward to helping you make the most of content marketing opportunities in the new year.

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