5 Great Legal Twitter Lists

Among other things, Twitter’s new #LISTS functionality is a terrific way to further expand your connections on the popular communications platform. I’ve been surfing friends’ lists – something akin to falling down a Twitter-fueled rabbit hole, finding interesting people to follow along the way.

As many of you know, I am partial to lists in the first place [see: Lawyers to Follow on Twitter and Lawyers & Law Firms on Facebook] and so, inevitably, I’ve decided to put together this new mini list of lists. Make what you will:

Five Great Legal Twitter Lists

1. IP Professionals II – at time of writing, 150 intellectual property professionals, put together by Estonian patent attorney Mikk Putk (@mikk_IPR). Mikk’s other patent-related lists are worth a visit, too.

2. Lawyers – created by @ParalegalSLO, a list of 500 lawyers of all stripe. Another good place to start if you’re jumping into the legal Twitter stream. And again, @ParalegalSLO also has a handful of other good lists.

3. Bar Associations – undoubtedly the start of something bigger, from Tim Baran (@uMCLE). As with the others above, Tim’s additional lists are worth a peruse and follow.

[Update: Tim also pointed me to @MarkRosch‘s great Bar Association list. Quote: Mark “is THE Bar Assoc dude…” – now you know.]

4. Legal Technology –  law librarian and all-around nice guy R. Richards (@richards1000) is curating a number of promising-looking legal Twitter lists. All worth monitoring, Legal Technology is a great place to start…

5. Legal Tech Thinkers – by @nikiblack, the stream looks remarkably similar to my own daily Twitter stream/fire hydrant – and so I include it here. One of many good ones by Niki.

There’s nothing comprehensive or definitive to what I am curating here. Rather, its a start. And a small way to kickstart the fun of surfing someone else’s labyrinth of online friendship and influence.

Twitter lists are so new, their true value probably lies ahead and depends upon the third-party apps yet to be built. In the meantime, I’ll add lists to this index as the spirit moves – and please: suggest your favorites in a blog comment.

In terms of signal to noise ratio, I think Twitter just turned up the heat on the signal.


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