Have You Seen Your Professional Information on Facebook?

We’ve added another feature to our Facebook pages that makes it even easier for you to grow your network on the popular platform as you participate on JD Supra.

Now, any LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook URLs entered on your JD Supra profile will appear wherever we list your information on Facebook. And list it we do:

Screen shot 2009-11-24 at 4.06.36 PM.png

With this latest functionality it seems a good time to recap what we’ve been doing for you on Facebook over the past several months. Here’s the scoop so far:

Legal Practice Pages

On Facebook we’ve been building subject-based legal pages covering everything from Intellectual Property to Bankruptcy Law, from Taxation to Employment Law, from Consumer Protection to Real Estate Law. (Full list below.)

Every one of these pages automatically streams whatever relevant content you happen to post on JD Supra.

So, the next time you upload, for example, an immigration alert it will make its way to our Immigration Law Facebook page (to say nothing of our other channels). We also regularly feature notable articles, alerts, filings, etc. on these pages and see steady, meaningful engagement with the work.

Not only do we feature your work on Facebook, we also feature you: each one of our legal centers also includes a custom “Lawyers” page in which we list contributors in order of recent activity. So, when you do post that immigration alert, for example, your professional JD Supra listing jumps to the top of the line – and you are the first contributor to appear within that particular category. And here is where we’ve recently added functionality.

Screen shot 2009-11-24 at 4.07.37 PM.png
See, for example, the listing above for construction attorney Chris Hill, taken from our Real Estate Lawyers page on Facebook. Because Chris has entered his Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook information on JD Supra, it appears here in our Facebook center dedicated to the legal issues at the heart of his expertise.

Anyone browsing the “Lawyers” page of this legal resource within Facebook can connect directly with Chris without leaving the platform, with just the click of a link. What’s more, where that connection takes place is up for grabs: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook … it’s an open choice.

What does this new Facebook feature mean to you?

Two things:

1. Post more work on JD Supra.

Not only will it be distributed via our numerous other channels (and be available to anyone via Google), it is also available on Facebook, one of the Web’s most engaged platforms. And, your professional information (and networking connections) will jump to the front of the line with every doc you post.

2. Include your LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter info.

If you are a premium JD Supra contributor, return to your Account Management page, edit your profile, and enter information for the Big Three networking platforms. Then, put your written work to work for you.

And if you’re not yet a premium member – well… reason #372 why it’s a good idea to get on board today. (Click here to learn all the other reasons, too.)

See you on JD Supra (and Facebook, and Twitter, and LinkedIn, and iPhone, and Newstex, and complinet, and via email digests, and in Google, and…)

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