Three Apps for Your Law Firm’s Facebook Page

Here are three free applications we’ve developed to bring a professional focus to your law firm’s Facebook page.

As we’ve written elsewhere, we are big fans (pun intended) of Facebook business pages. We think law firms and legal professionals only stand to benefit from building a corporate presence on the world’s largest and most engaging communications platform. Of course, all three apps work equally well on Facebook profiles (where we see a number of lawyers blending the personal and the professional).

[Also see this post on how to install apps on Facebook pages.]

Three Apps for Your Law Firm’s Facebook Page:

1. Legal Publishing

JD Supra Docs enables you to add a "Documents" tab to your Facebook page, which features your own legal content (alerts, commentary, articles, blog posts, filings, newsletters) and professional information (practice description, education, bar admission, etc). Each new document you post on JD Supra automatically appears on your Facebook page.

[Examples: Molder Legal Group | Johnston, Moore & Thompson | LexThink LLC]

2. Legal News


Legal News enables you to add a "Legal News" tab to your page that features on-topic, substantive content posted on JD Supra by the legal community. Subjects include: bankruptcy, tax law, real estate, immigration, trusts & estates, family law, personal injury law, and many others. Your own work also posted on JD Supra will make its way into relevant Legal News streams. Also installs as a box on Info and Wall tabs.

[Examples: Olive Max Gardner III | Candice Aiston | 22 Tweets]

3. Email Signup

Email Signup allows you to add a signup form for email newsletters on your Facebook page in just a few clicks. You can customize the call to action ("Sign up for our monthly report") and background colors for the subscription box. Optional: include a link to your privacy policy and firm Info page. A premium version of the Email Signup app connects via API to most mailing platforms (Convio, MailChimp, InfusionSoft, etc.) so that your subscriber lists grow automatically as people enter their addresses in Facebook.

[Examples: Ed Poll’s LawBiz Management | Electronic Frontier Foundation | Bennett Law Office]

Also see JD Supra’s Social Transcripts application, which allows you to publish custom Twitter transcripts to a Facebook audience. You enter the Twitter terms(s), Social Transcripts creates a snapshot of all related tweets as a tab on your page. Once a day, the app will publish the transcript as a Facebook Note to all of your connections.


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Did you know: JD Supra builds custom Facebook pages for lawyers and law firms. Contact us to learn more about this service. (See for example the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Facebook page. Most parts of the EFF page were custom built by JD Supra, including the RSS stream from the organization’s Deeplinks blog.)