JD Supra’s ‘Legal Edge’ iPhone App Allows Lawyers to Connect with Mobile Users

We’re pleased to announce our new iPhone application, which allows lawyers and legal professionals to reach mobile users with the content they upload on JD Supra.

Our ‘Legal Edge’ iPhone app streams by subject all of the latest alerts, articles, newsletters, blog posts, court filings, and other legal content uploaded to JD Supra. Subjects include immigration, bankruptcy, real estate, banking & finance, tax law, insurance, intellectual property, and law marketing, among others.

JD Supra iPhone App by Subject

Available for free download at the iTunes store, the ‘Legal Edge’ app allows iPhone users to browse legal news by any subject of interest and to read documents in the phone’s Safari browser or PDF reader. The PDF option includes ‘landscape’ view and zoom functionality for easy reading. Users can also contact authors directly with a "Contact Contributor" button (available for documents posted by JD Supra premium account holders).

San Diego bankruptcy attorney Carl Starrett said in this morning’s press release:

Now, my work on JD Supra doesn’t only appear in email digests, Twitter news feeds, Facebook pages, RSS streams, and third-party news sources – it also goes to the iPhone. All I do is upload the document.

Indeed, this iPhone application is the latest delivery on our promise to place the legal content that spotlights your expertise in front of the people you want to reach, wherever they gather. ‘Legal Edge’ is the first of our mobile applications, a program that will extend to other popular platforms.

Custom iPhone Apps

We also now offer custom, firm-branded iPhone applications for lawyers and law firms interested in streaming exclusively their work to a mobile audience. These firm-specific applications are entirely customized according to each firm’s needs. More information about custom iPhone apps available here.

Click here for more information about JD Supra’s iPhone app – or visit the iTunes app listing to download ‘Legal Edge’ now.

The next version of this app is already in the works and includes Search functionality, document sharing, and other features to optimize an exciting distribution stream that delivers your legal expertise to a mobile audience.


JD Supra Legal Edge (iTunes App Store Listing)

Lawyers Connect with Mobile Users Through JD Supra’s New Legal Edge iPhone App (Reuters/Business Wire)

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