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Here’s a look at some of the latest lawyers and law firms to be publishing their work on JD Supra. We’re thrilled to welcome them to the site:


The Association of Women Attorneys provides monthly continuing legal education and professional and social opportunities to its members; screens judicial candidates and makes recommendations to the community; and mentors law students and recent graduates striving to find their way in the practice of law. 

Featured Doc: AWA Brief Fall 2009

Joshua Shulman

Attorney Joshua Shulman, personal injury lawyer in Portland, Oregon and author of The Seven Big Mistakes That Will Wreck Your Oregon Car Crash Case.

Featured Doc: What little white lies do tell in a personal injury case

 Doug Jasinski

Doug Jasinski, founder and Principal of Skunkworks Creative Group Inc., whose work spans brand strategy development; conceptual creative work; copywriting; website, blog and search engine optimization strategy; assessment of new technologies; and oversight of work produced by the agency.

Featured Doc: Playing The Name Game: Law Firm Naming Strategies

 James Thomas

James Tomas, paralegal with over 20+ years experience in the legal industry whose work priorities are geared towards ensuring client matters are handled effectively and efficiently while meeting productivity goals and client satisfaction.

Featured Doc: Petition for Legal Custody

 Daniel G Van Ess

Danielle G. Van Ess, providing legal services related to adoption, estate planning, and residential real estate in Massachusetts.

Featured Doc: 15 Freedoms You Voluntarily Relinquish Without Adequate Estate Planning

 Tanya Lee

Tanya Lee, Principal of Tanya M. Lee, PLLC, a boutique law firm in Phoenix, Arizona, specializing in Immigration and Nationality Law.

Featured Doc: Warning: All Eligible Men Should Register for Selective Service Regardless of Immigration Status


 Seymour Mansfield

Seymour Mansfield, focuses on business and complex litigation, mediation, executive employment and employee benefits, trade secrets and restrictive covenants, and international business law.

Featured Doc: Don’t Mess Around with the Foriegn Corrupt Practices Act

 Sondra BenNaEim

Sondra BenNaEim, a family law mediator and collaborative law attorney in California. She believes that any person, with any issue, can succeed in mediation if they enter the process with an open mind and in good faith.

Featured Doc: What’s the Difference Between Mediation and Collaborative Divorce?

Kevin White

Richmond, Virginia attorney Kevin White, who practices in the areas of corporate and LLC law, securities law, public finance, intellectual property, franchises, and Internet content licensing and protection. As a business attorney, Kevin assists clients with starting, buying and selling businesses, and advises clients on the management of contractual and regulatory risks. 

Featured Doc: Website Content Submission Agreement and Terms of Service

 Marc Soss

Florida attorney Marc J. Soss, whose practice is focused in the areas of estate planning, tax planning, corporate law, and probate & trust administration and litigation. Marc has been quoted in Forbes, Fox Business and Reuters.

Featured Doc: Issues for consideration in same-sex partner estate planning

 Janet Murtha

Janet Murtha, New York attorney specializing in private investment funds, including hedge funds, hybrid funds, and private equity funds. Janet works with clients to structure funds in a manner that recognizes both the nature of the underlying investments and the needs of the prospective investors.

Featured Doc: Investment Adviser Regulation – What has happened and what may come

Bukhari Nuridden

Bukhari Nuriddin, practicing exclusively in the areas of intellectual property and entertainment law, criminal defense, tax, wills, trusts & estate planning, and real estate in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Featured Doc: Criminal Record Expungement Form – GA

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