Writing on the Web: Five Useful Links

For your reference: here are five articles that offer good advice to anyone writing for a Web audience.

As usual with our quick-hit reading lists, descriptions are brief. We hope you have the time to dip into all five posts. (One recurring theme that always deserves repeating: know your audience.)

Writing on the Web – Five Useful Links:

The Structure of Persuasive Content – by Brian Clark of perennial favorite Copyblogger. Also worth reading: How to Write Headlines that Work, among others…

5 Rules for Better Web Writing – "…before you lay any words down on the page, figure out who you’re speaking to, and write with them in mind." (Mashable)

10 Tips for Writing on the Web – "…provide accurate headings and subheadings, [so that readers] will be able to quickly locate information when scanning the page." (RONB Marketing Blog)

How to Write Great Headlines – applies equally to article titles, email subject lines, blog posts, etc. A series of tips with bad and good examples for each. (Modern Life)

Writing for the Web – interesting collection of links to studies old and new about how readers interact with content online.

There you have it; the tip of the iceberg when it comes to writing about Web writing. Do you have any articles worth sharing here? Post a comment and we’ll include your link.


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