Social Transcripts: Snapshots of the Twitter Stream on Facebook

Earlier this week we launched a new Facebook application, Social Transcripts, that allows anyone to create a Twitter transcript on any subject and publish it on Facebook.

The application publishes related tweets in a Facebook tab titled "Transcripts" – and pushes out the transcript as a note to fans or friends once a day.

We like this additional note feature. It allows anyone engaging and building an audience on Facebook (page fans or profile friends) to push into their stream a daily snapshot of the Twitter conversation on any subject of interest. Additional content, additional context.

For example, here is a partial screenshot of our Law Practice News Facebook page, streaming tweets mentioning ILTA and ILTA09 – a transcript that will run through the entire conference:

Each day, the entire transcript will also be served as a note to our Law Practice connections/readers (become a fan to follow along).

Here is a screenshot of a note monitoring "Chinese Drywall" that went out recently to Facebook readers of our Construction Law page:


Anyone can build a Social Transcript on any subject – whatever your interests (and the interests of your Facebook connections) happen to be.

For example, Lance Godard uses the app to stream all 22Tweets mentions to his Facebook audience. Yesterday, after his Twitter interview with attorney Jean Tien, the entire conversation was immediately available on the 22 Tweets Facebook page – pushed out later in the day as a note.

(We’re monitoring usage and adoption – and will feature pages using the app on the Social Transcripts page itself. Become a fan to stay in touch.)

As many of you know, we’ve been building applications that connect JD Supra and the legal community to the terrific Facebook platform – expect an update on all of our efforts soon. This particular app came about in response to one of those "Wouldn’t it be cool if…" conversations, and so we built it.

We imagine Social Transcripts is a terrific way for conference hosts, attendees, and speakers to capture a snapshot of all conference tweets for the day and share with a Facebook audience – but we also see limitless possibilities for this app.

Anyone can build Twitter transcripts of events of all types, product launches, trending topics, brand conversations, news on the ground – you name it – and share them on Facebook.

How will you build Social Transcripts? Let us know.

(Thanks much to Chris Brogan for the Twitter shout-out when we launched the app.)


Looking for help with your Facebook presence? Contact us – we’re happy to be of service.


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