Legal Marketing: 5 Articles to Read on Search, SEO & Content Marketing

You’ve heard it many times before in many different ways: in the Age of Search, Content is King.

Meaning, among other things, that creating and distributing content online – useful content that matters to your audience(s) – is one of the best ways to secure organic, worthwhile traffic/attention over the long term.

Here are links to five good articles on the subject of content marketing and search engine optimization. As usual, annotations are brief (we hope you read each piece in its entirety):

1. The Golden Rule of SEO: Content is King  – "…Well written content is important for three primary reasons: Engages the reader. Increases search engine rankings and traffic. Promotes the likelihood of quality links from other sites."(Search Engine Watch)

2. Internet Marketing with Content & SEO: Interviews with 5 Experts – "…identify what your customers need to hear to make their lives better or jobs easier … Once you understand that, deliver it to them quickly and easily – and maybe most importantly, do it on a consistent basis." (Online Marketing Blog)

3. SEO Copywriting is Dead. Long Live SEO Content Marketing – "…most people never talk about the second half of the SEO copywriting equation – the half that’s even more important than keywords. And that’s writing compelling, interesting and persuasive content designed to communicate with your customers." (Success Works)

4. In SEO, Content Does Matter – … an older piece (written in 2007) that nonetheless includes an interesting case study and a useful way to develop an editorial schedule in response to customer needs. (Conversation Marketing)

5.Your Website is not the Center of the Universe – "…In order to be a real player in the new search, you have to participate outside of your domain. You have to populate these sites with content. Create content not for your dotcom, but for your audience in these different channels." (tippingpoint labs)

Lucky for you, legal professionals often are prolific generators of great content. Is yours online? Or is it collecting dust on your hard drive?


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