Extend the Reach of Your Legal Blog with JD Supra

In a recent post, Arizona bankruptcy attorney Jospeh McDaniel described JD Supra as a "useful billboard/carnival barker/press agent" for legal bloggers. We agree. While the documents posted to JD Supra are as varied as our contributors (and include court filings, newsletters, alerts, articles, decisions, etc.) we are indeed seeing legal bloggers participate on the site to extend their online reach.

It makes sense that bloggers would want to particpate on JD Supra. Who wouldn’t want additional targeted readers?

In a recent inventory of our numerous Twitter legal news feeds (covering many of the practice fields represented on JD Supra, including IP, bankruptcy, real estate, taxes, employment law, and others) we counted over 20,000 followers. The number grows by the thousands weekly. As reported in a previous post, many of the followers are professionals in the fields you are hoping to reach. Human resources professionals follow our Employment Law feed. Real estate professionals follow the Real Estate Law feed – and so on.

Where else? This previous post describes the range of JD Supra distribution: we stream work by subject to professional groups on LinkedIn; we distribute globally to decision makers and media using third-party news syndicators; several times a month we send out e-mail digests of your work to thousands of subscribers; and, thanks in part to our Law Centers, JD Supra grows monthly as a popular destination for legal information on all subjects. Documents and professional profiles posted to JD Supra also tend to do well in Search (as a daily source of new, rich, and varied content).

And so legal bloggers, along with all of our other contributors, are jumping on JD Supra to extend their digital footprint and increase organic reach. (Sometimes with terrific results: one document alone, a reposted blog entry on IP-related matters, received over 11,000 views for the month of June.)

Who is using JD Supra to extend the reach of their blog posts? Again, the answer is as varied as the contributors and content on JD Supra – includes firms Sheppard Mullin and Barger Wolen, attorneys John Hochfelder and Erik Magraken, law firm marketing expert Stephen Fairley (of the Rainmaker Institute), and many others.

TIP: How to publish your blog posts on JD Supra

Some bloggers are "printing" entries from their browser into a PDF file, and then posting those. This is fine if you are in a pinch.

Recommended: take fifteen minutes to create a one-time template in MS Word (or even Adobe Acrobat) that includes your firm branding in the header or footer. Cut and paste the meat of your blog entry into this template and post the new file to the site.

Make this process part of your blog-writing routine. At the end of each post, once you hit publish, also post a version to JD Supra.

Sometimes, our contributors gather multiple blog entries into a single document, which they post as an eBook with a title and table of contents. (One great example: Carolyn Elefant’s Social Networking for Lawyers – which has received thousands of downloads in a short period.)

What are you waiting for? All you have to gain: additional meaningful and targeted attention.


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