Lawyers and Legal Professionals on JD Supra: Featured Roundup

Here’s a look at some of the latest lawyers and law firms to be publishing their great work on JD Supra. We’re thrilled to have them on the site:

McAfee Taft Oklahoma-based McAfee & Taft, the largest firm in Oklahoma, develops innovative legal solutions for business. In the early 1950’s, founder Kenneth E. McAfee was instrumental in registering the nation’s first drilling fund with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The firm now employs nearly150 attorneys. (Legal Docs)
Thomas Grella

Commercial law attorney Thomas Grella focuses his practice on Condominium and Planned Development Planning, Exempt Securities Offerings, Entity Formation, and Commercial Leases.  He is the co-author of Lawyer’s Guide to Strategic Planning  (ABA 2004) and past Chair of the American Bar Association Law Practice Management Section. (Legal Docs)   

Kevin Hurt A law student with experience in manufacturing and sales of building products and roll-formed steel goods, Kevin Hurt intends to apply his experience toward counseling and advocating for small and mid-sized businesses in the areas of business formation, dissolution, corporate record-keeping, labor and employment, construction law, and transactional matters. (Legal Docs)
Jay Eckhaus Business and employment attorney Jay E. Eckhaus is the author and creator of FingerTip Manuals, Employee Manuals and Employment Law Manuals. He has over 35 years of Business and Employment Law experience, representing Fortune 500 companies, national franchisees and entrepreneurial startup companies. (Legal Docs)

Katie Richey

Criminal and family law attorney Katie Richey provides legal services to residents of Southern California from Ventura County, through Los Angeles, Orange and Riverside Counties. (Legal Docs)

 Diana Martin

Handling all aspects of appellate litigation in state and federal court, including brief writing and oral argument, Diana Martin provides litigation support, including drafting motions and legal assistance at trial. Substantive areas of concentration include products liability, personal injury, multi-district litigation, and consumer class actions. (Legal Docs)
Jennifer Crane Chicago tax consultant Jennifer Crane specializes in Credits and Incentives at True Partners Consulting. She has worked with privately-held corporations and Fortune 500 companies on projects across the nation.  (Articles)

 Frederic Abramson

Trial attorney Frederic Abramson handles litigation for small to mid-sized businesses and individuals, and also reviews, drafts and negotiates contracts and agreements. (Legal Docs)
Jeena Cho San Francisco bankruptcy attorney Jeena Cho specializes in helping individuals and families in the Bay Area with filing for bankruptcy and debt relief. Her practice focuses on Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy, as well as debt settlement. (Legal Docs)

 Charles Gallagher

Charles Gallagher has experience in both litigation and transactional matters. His current practice focuses on insurance litigation, real estate litigation, business litigation and consumer law. He has experience in both real estate transactions, probate, family law and employment litigation. (Legal Docs)
Darren Heitner Florida contract and intellectual property attorney Darren Heitner specializes in sports and talent contractual agreements. (Legal Docs)

John Myers

John Myers represents clients in Georgia in cases involving medical malpractice, personal injury, wrongful death, uncontested divorce, adoptions, bankruptcy, and probate: estates, wills, and trusts. (Legal Docs)


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