Where Does JD Supra Distribute My Work?

[Note: here’s the first in a series of two posts looking at the ways JD Supra distributes your work widely online. Part two looks specifically at the tools we give you for self-syndication…]

How Does JD Supra Deliver My Work to the People I Want to Reach?

A good question, one we’re often asked. Here is today’s answer – in chart and list form. I write "today" because we are constantly opening new channels and see this, really, as just the tip of the JD Supra iceberg. Stay tuned…



Stating the obvious: the chart above shows what can happen after you upload even just one article, alert, brief, newsletter, presentation, decision, filing, or other legal document to JD Supra.

The list represents a mix of traditional, third-party syndication services and robust distribution channels that exist today because of innovation afforded by the extraordinarily porous online landscape.

We’re pleased to distribute your work to:

Newstex – a news syndication service feeding an audience of millions. Newstex distribution partners put your work in front of a global network of academics, journalists, and leaders in the legal, business, and financial sectors. Partners include the New York Times, Amazon, Thomson Reuters, and Lexis Nexis, among many others.

complinet – provider of a complete range of risk-based compliance information and technology solutions to over 1,800 firms, large and small, in financial services, across 81 countries.

NuWire Investor – a news outlet and educational resource for investors. NuWire provides research and analysis to help investors in their due diligence and to incubate new ideas. Articles on NuWire also appear in Google News, MSN News, and Seeking Alpha.

Justia – one of the most highly trafficked legal resource sites on the web. Justia automatically streams your work to its research pages via widget, including to the Environmental, Business, and Communications & Internet Law sections. (In Part II: the site also allows you to stream your JD Supra documents to your Justia profile.)

Linkedin – just over a week ago, Linkedin started allowing moderators to tether RSS to the "News" sections of their professional groups. Now your subject-specific work streams to some of the largest and most targeted professional groups on the Web, including an Energy Sector group of over 12,000 members; an HR and employment group of over 100,000 members; and many other groups in Land Use, Real Estate, Employment, and other sectors. The list grows daily.

Twitter – the conversational power of Twitter is certain – and has changed the way we market,  develop business, establish brands, and (for that matter) have fun. We’ve also noticed a growing trend among media outlets new and old to serve content via Twitter, meeting people where they are most engaged: "in the stream." In that context, we’ve been building targeted audiences for your work via numerous Twitter news channels which, daily, show themselves to be engaged and responsive. Feeds include Real Estate, Securities, Taxes, Bankruptcy, Labor & Employment, Tech, Intellectual Property, Immigration, Insurance, Law Practice, Environment & Energy, and others. (See: complete list: Twitter Legal News Feeds.)

Alltop  – Guy Kawasaki’s “online magazine rack” streams popular content from the around the Web into subject-specific sections. Your work currently streams to Alltop’s Patents, Banking, Finance, HR, E-Discovery, Taxes, Real Estate, Crime, Environmental Health, and Law sections. (See: laundry list of JD Supra’s Alltop feeds.) The list grows as Alltop grows.

JD Supra Legal Edge: E-Mail Digests – we’ve been building a program of monthly e-mail digests, sending a selection of the best document uploads of the month to a growing list of subscribers (currently numbered in the thousands). Stay tuned for more subject-specific monthly digests to launch during the year; today we offer two: "Legal Alerts" (a general digest) and "Law Practice" …

Google – a distribution channel? Certainly. The search engines regularly index your portfolio of documents (and your professional profile). Google alone brings to your work a vast audience of folks heading online in search of substantive legal information. JD Supra documents  and profiles tend to rank well in search – with improved ranking the more you upload…

Facebook – our newest social media offering, the JD Supra Legal News Facebook application enables anyone or any outlet on Facebook to stream and share subject-based feeds of JD Supra documents on Profiles and Business Pages.

[Next: the tools we give you to self-syndicate, including RSS, widgets, Facebook, and more…]


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