How Does JD Supra Allow Me to Distribute My Own Work Online?

[Note: this is the second of two posts on how JD Supra distributes your documents online. Part One looks specifically at the channels we use to deliver your work to target audiences across the Web.]

How Does JD Supra Help Me to Deliver My Work to My Audiences?

The broad distribution channels described in our first post require just one thing from you: uploads of relevant documents. JD Supra also offers a suite of tools to help you deliver your own documents to audiences you’ve built (are building) around the Web.

We cover widgets, RSS, Facebook, and Justia. File under: JD Supra self-syndication…

– "Latest Documents" Widget

You can stream your portfolio to other Web platforms using a custom widget. Today "widget" is something of a catch-all phrase that generally means: an easy-to-use, plug-and-play tool or gadget adding valuable content to what you already offer on a website, blog, or other such platform.

The "Latest Documents" widget provides links to your work on JD Supra (see examples below) – think of it as a portable table of contents offered to your readers wherever they are gathering.

How you use the widget is entirely up to you. For some attorneys, it’s a way to offer access to court documents reinforcing the professional picture painted by blog posts (read: Adrianos Facchetti’s Let Them See). For others, it’s a primary point of entry from a website into broader listings of legal work (articles, newsletters, briefs, filings, etc.).

Log in to your Account Management page to grab your widget code.

JD Supra widgets at use: Ravech & Roy law firm website | Crosby Group Consulting blog | Sui Generis New York law blog…


RSS is the acronym for "Real Simple Syndication" and – indeed, it is simple. Your portfolio of work on JD Supra is RSS-enabled (see "Documents RSS feed" on your Profile or Documents pages), which means you can stream documents to any other web presence that allows a connection via this ubiquitous technology. The possibilities are endless.

Much has been written about the value of Real Simple Syndication already. For now, we offer these suggestions for extending your JD Supra work to other platforms using RSS:

– Promote the link to your portolio’s RSS everywhere (in an email signature, on your website or blog, whenever you sign your name in a blog comment or discussion forum). The point: let it be known that anyone interested in you (incl. clients and colleagues) can automatically follow your work as it updates on JD Supra…

– Connect your RSS feed to Twitter using the Twitterfeed service. Every time you upload on JD Supra, the doc will be announced to your Twitter stream. A nice way to enhance the conversational strengths of Twitter with links to substantive content…

– Where appropriate, approach the moderators of Linkedin groups and ask to include your RSS  feed in their "News" sections. This requires a balance between shameless self-promotion and bringing value to the discussion. However, because what you post on JD Supra is substantive content, there are plenty of examples in which it makes sense to stream your work to the subject-specific Linkedin groups in which you actively participate. True also for other social platforms, like Ning. (See my profile in the Law Marketing group for more…)

How do you promote your RSS feed(s) around the Web? Let us know in a comment. 

Example: Tamera Bennett’s blog, Current Trends in Copyright, Trademark, & Entertainment Law. Ms. Bennett streams her JD Supra documents to the blog using RSS.

– Facebook

We’ve a built an application that enables anyone with a JD Supra portfolio to stream their professional information and documents to a Facebook Profile or Business Page.

JD Supra Docs allows legal professionals to turn a spotlight to their work on a richly connective website that boasts at least 175 million active users. As with widgets and RSS, the application automatically streams your work on JD Supra to Facebook – which means: after installation, the program runs itself. Whenever you upload to JD Supra, the new document appears in the News Feeds of your Facebook connections and is listed in a running archive of work – either a stand-alone Tab or a Box. (See my previous post about Facebook – how and why to participate.)

The JD Supra Docs Facebook app at use: Wolfe Law Group LLC | Stem Legal Web Enterprises | Compliance Building … see the "Documents" tab on each of these Facebook Business Pages.

(Numerous others stream their JD Supra work to personal profiles on Facebook. To see examples of such, you’ll need to connect individually with those people. Start by connecting to me – and I’ll show you where to go.)

Your Justia Profile

Have you claimed your Justia profile yet? You should. It includes the ability to stream your documents from JD Supra to the free legal directory.

Tim Stanley and Stacy Stern’s impressive directory offers comprehensive listings of not only lawyers, but firms and non-profit organizations. Legal professionals of every stripe can claim their profiles, which include contact information, practice description, experience and qualifications, and other such professional information. Included: the ability to tether your JD Supra account to your Justia listing. Like the other connections mentioned in this piece, once tethered, your documents will stream automatically from JD Supra to the "Publications & Talks" tab of your Justia listing.

Moreover, Justia listings include presence in the Cornell Legal Information Institute’s free legal directory – another reason to plant your flag on this terrific resource.

I firmly believe in the notion of planting a flag in multiple online platforms and "connecting the dots" one to the next. Others have described this as a "hub and outpost" social media strategy – create important outposts and drive your traffic to your hub. That works, too. Whichever metaphor you use, the point is: in the online landscape you’re not beholden to just one solution. In fact, you can (and should!) go wherever you find an meaningful audience.

Keep in mind that on JD Supra we also have the popular "Share This" link on every page (on profiles and documents). Wherever you happen to be building an online presence you can, with a click of a button, push your work there.

Another benefit to the strategy of planting flags on multiple platforms: they tend to do well in search results. As you build out your various presences around the web, you also begin to take control of some of the top listings in your Google resume (the first page of search results). In this way, social media strategy connects with SEO…

At the heart of it: your online presence should be fueled by useful, substantive, portable content.


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