JD Supra: One Year In

The past year has been exciting, exhausting, and everything we’d hoped. Most of all, it is the positive feedback we’ve received from our contributors that keeps us going.  

Thanks to all of you who take the time to do that – directly to us, on Twitter, on your blogs and to the media. Here’s a look at some of this feedback, which keeps us inspired and moving in the right direction: 

Ronald Coleman, of Goetz Fitzpatrick LLP:

JD Supra is almost tailor-made for me. The most important thing – the most valuable – I have to sell is my work. It’s something I take pride in and something I do very well and I have a whole career worth of it to put out there. JD Supra helps people understand exactly what kind of lawyer I’m going to be by showing them my work … the [Facebook] application makes perfect sense for how I envision expanding the marketing of my practice in the years ahead…

Paul Jahn of Morrison & Foerster in the East Bay Business Times

… the content comes from us and is associated with us. If we can find a place to deliver a marketing message that allows us to show what we can do, that is a good channel.

Lori Foleen, Director of Marketing and Client Relations, Lane Powell PC:

We were one of the first law firms to contribute legal articles to JDSupra, and we’ve been very pleased with how it helps us reach a wider online audience. Now we can also add profiles of practice groups and individual lawyers: It’s just one more way to make it easy for clients to connect with us.

Mark Kindall, partner at Izard Nobel, on why the firm is on JD Supra (in the Connecticut Law Tribune): 

Advertising [just] in Hartford isn’t necessarily going to be of huge assistance to us. We need people to recognize us in Houston, Bakersfield and Tallahassee…

Mitchell J. Matorin, esq. in The New York Times

The site puts solo practitioners like me on an equal footing with huge law firms, providing exposure that would otherwise be nearly impossible to get. People can read samples of actual work and then make an informed judgment.

ICBC Claims Lawyer, Erik Magraken, on Twitter:

Quickly seeing the legal marketing benefits of JDSupra. Give Content, Get Noticed.


For all lawyers considering signing up with JDSupra I can confirm that the customer service at www.jdsupra.com is first rate!

Wolfe Law Group, on their blog:

Our firm is so confident in our services that we’re happy to provide our clients, prospective clients and other attorneys with samples of our work. Each week, we’re posting new court documents to our JD Supra profile for anyone to download and view. The documents are streamed on our website through the JD Supra "widget" on the right side of this page, and you can also subscribe to our JD Supra RSS Feed. It’s also available on our JD Supra profile, or our Facebook page.

California Defamation Attorney, Adrianos Facchetti, on this blog:

I stumbled across JD Supra about a couple of months ago . . . somehow I knew it was a good thing and so I gave it a shot. I posted a couple of documents to the site. I also set up an RSS feed of my documents from JD Supra to my blog. Less than a week later, a prospective client told me: "I like the fact that you have samples of your work on your blog. It gave me a chance to look at your work firsthand before I talked to you." I got it at the moment. The client wanted to see my work before he hired me. Clients like transparency. They like to see things before they buy them

Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid on their blog:

JD Supra allows for organizations and individuals to post legal documents that are easily accessible and available for download. There are even RSS feeds where our followers can track our latest postings as they happen!

Nicole Black, of Fiandach & Fiandach:

It’s a great way to extend your online presence – particularly if you’re someone like me who writes frequently. I’ve already seen that JD Supra Docs will allow me to centralize all the various content I’m generating and bring it together in one place…

Doug Cornelius on his blog:

I’m a huge fan of the connectivity between online communities. It creates much more value by republishing information in different ways so people can access and find the information they need in a way that works for them, which is exactly what JD Supra’s new [Facebook] application allows me to do.

Jason M. Woodward, MS, JD:

JD Supra is a great outlet for creating an online body of professional work. I really like the Facebook application and many other features. I am looking forward to many more contributions. Thank you…

Tamera Bennett, Bennett Law Offices, on Twitter: 

Your staff was great in answering my questions on what/how to post to jdsupra.com Thanks!!

Deb Dobson of Spencer Fane Britt & Browne, on Twitter: 

Thanks for having such a great company to work with at www.jdsupra.com.

Are you on the site yet? Showcase your expertise to a wide audience: create a professional profile and post your legal documents on JD Supra. Jump on board today…



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