7 Ways to Enhance Your Search Visibility with JD Supra

Here are seven ways to quickly (and easily) increase your visibility in the search engines using JD Supra.

Keep in mind: search engine algorithms are extraordinarily complicated; what most of us understand of them is just the tip of the iceberg. However, after close observation we have seen again and again that the more of these steps you enact (and the more often you do so) the more you stand to benefit in the rankings.

(These tips – along with many others! – will be included in an upcoming "Resources" center on JD Supra.)

Seven Ways to Enhance Your Search Visibility with JD Supra:

1. Use your name (or firm name) in your profile URL

JD Supra profiles tend to rank well in search listings for contributor names. Profiles rank well (more often and higher) when the URL matches the contributor name, whether firm or individual. So, for your JD Supra URL use the name for which you want to be found: yours in full, or your firm’s name.  Examples in Google: Lane Powell, Morrison & Foerster, Doug Cornelius, Kristen Patty, Ober Kaler, John Pentz, Alicia Butler

2. Include your most valued keywords in document titles

Words in document titles, and their order within those titles, have an impact on visibility. The engines give titles their own particular weight when they index them, so use keywords that matter to you (and are descriptive of the document) – and put the most important words up front. Cute titles may be good at getting people to click on a link – but if the doc is not listed in the results in the first place, there’s nothing to click! Here are a handful of examples of documents that have received good exposure via "Search" where key words are right up front in the titles: Letter of Representation, Madoff criminal complaint, constructive possession of drugs, sample family trust, IRS Notice 2008-83, i-9 handbook for employers

3. Link keywords in your document(s) to relevant pages in your website or blog

When you link words within your JD Supra documents to related pages on your website or blog, you help the search engines identify your site as an authority for searches on those key words. For example, if you are an intellectual property attorney and upload an articles on trademark law to JD Supra, make the word "trademark" in your article a live link to your blog or website (or the page on your website discussing trademark).

4. Upload lots of documents and do so regularly

The more documents you upload, and the more regularly you do so, the more weight the search engines give to both your documents and your profile (all documents lead to Rome, so to speak). Content is king & volume matters: it’s really that simple. Examples of high-ranking profiles of contributors who regularly upload documents and have, over time, developed a rich collection: Ronald Coleman, Littler Mendelson, Manatt, Phelps & Philips, Jason Woodward

5. Include direct links to your website, blog, etc. in your profile.

As the contributors above illustrate, when you upload more documents, a significant amount of "link weight" pools in your profile. (Among other things, all of  the documents link to your profile, and your growing collection of links – to documents and profile – are propagated throughout JD Supra and the web). This means that links out from your profile, in particular, benefit the search visibility of your website, blog, and other URLs.  

6. Promote your JD Supra profile and docs as you upload them.

The volume of traffic and links coming in to your profile and documents from other sites also impacts their search ranking (and subsequently the value of links from them to your own site(s)). So promote your JD Supra profile and docs wherever you have a web presence: on your blog, website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Delicious, Stumbleupon, and directory listings such as Justia, etc.

7. Create a Facebook Page with the JD Supra Docs application.

Facebook business pages are well-ranked by the search engines. Our JD Supra docs application imports your professional profile and automatically streams documents you upload to JD Supra. This regularly updating, keyword-rich content not only increases the search visibility of your Facebook page, but adds to the search visibility of your documents (Tip #6, above). (Example: ICBC lawyer Erik Magraken’s Facebook page.)

See this page’s ranking for the prime key word – icbc claims  – and note how this, combined with his JD Supra documents (Tip #4) with keyword rich titles (Tip #2), has impacted his visibility on the first page of search results for his specialty.


Erik Magraken ICBC lawyer


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