JD Supra Legal Content Syndicated Globally via Newstex

We’re pleased to announce that JD Supra has now partnered with Newstex, a premier provider of real-time news to millions of industry leaders and media channels.

Newstex will distribute JD Supra’s content (your content) to a global audience across numerous business sectors.

As we said in this morning’s release:

Our partnership with Newstex enables us to expand our distribution network and put our contributors’ content in front of millions of people in the legal, business, financial and other sectors, who subscribe to Newstex’s syndicated content.

It is also an acknowledgment and confirmation of the high quality and value of the legal content being shared on JD Supra.

Now, the documents you share on JD Supra – connected to your professional profile – will reach more people than ever before.

How can you achieve the greatest benefit from this partnership?

  • If you’re not yet posting documents on JD Supra, start now. Build a profile, post your legal documents;
  • Upload new documents to JD Supra regularly;
  • Write clear and compelling document titles and summaries; and
  • Make sure your profile is complete and up-to-date, with full contact information and links to your website, blog, or other webpages.

Please contact JD Supra’s VP of Business Development, John Christiansen, if you have any questions, or would like more information on how to make the most of your JD Supra membership.

JD Supra’s User-Generated Legal Content Syndicated Globally Through Newstex (PRWeb)

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