Justia Launches Free Legal Directory

Congrats to Tim Stanley, Stacy Stern, and the whole team at Justia on the official launch of their free legal directory. Check it out at lawyers.justia.com.

The directory has a comprehensive listing of not only lawyers, but firms and non-profit organizations. (We at JD Supra are big supporters of these institutions). More than that, if you support certain other organizations, like Cornell, that provide free access to legal information – you can get a special badge on your profile.

Further, JD Supra contributors can automatically stream the documents they post on JD Supra into their profiles on Justia – a perfect combination – and yet one more way to distribute your work to a wide audience online.

(As you know, Justia has long promoted free access to legal information with its online collection of decisions and other documents directly from the courts. JD Supra provides a platform for the legal community to freely share the wealth of useful content it generates – with direct attribution.)



Tim and Stacy truly are Web gurus – not to mention two of the sweetest, most generous people I know.  I highly recommend that all of our users  "claim" their profiles on Justia. It’s fast, easy & free – and offers a great way to expand your online presence. (And, if you are looking for more exposure –  Justia also provides free websites, and other services like blogging platforms and  SEO consulting).