Year in Review: Thanks to the Legal Community

Our year-end review takes the form of a thank you note.

Indeed, as 2008 draws to a close we extend thanks to members of the legal community for many reasons. To some of you, our founding members, we say thanks for joining and posting your documents on JD Supra even before our spring launch. The quality of your early work set the standard for what came next!

To others, our power users, we say thank you for uploading copious amounts of top-notch documents, and doing so often.

Thank you to those who’ve been using JD Supra widgets to stream legal documents off the site, out to your blogs and websites.

Thanks also to those who’ve integrated our application, JD Supra Docs, into your online presence, streaming documents from JD Supra to your profiles and business pages on Facebook.

To so many, we say thank you for your generous JD Supra advocacy. The kind words and goodwill you’ve spread on Twitter, blogs, web sites, and elsewhere is deeply appreciated.

(To some – you know who you are – we say thanks for all of the above.)

We’re proud of the diversity represented on JD Supra – from large firms to solo practitioners of every stripe, from legal aid to legal support and professional services…

This is a resource built by a community that understands the value of publishing and distributing written work to demonstrate expertise and get noticed online. And so  – incomplete at best, in no particular order – here’s a look at just a few of the hundreds of legal professionals who, in numerous ways, have helped to make our first year a great one.

Thank you:

Thank you also to the journalists and bloggers who covered the JD Supra story in 2008. Some of you we mentioned above – also Bob Ambrogi, Carolyn Elefant, Tim Stanley, Ari Kaplan, Jordan Furlong, and others.

It has been a real pleasure to hear reports of our contributors connecting with new clients, media, and colleagues through their participation on JD Supra – and we look forward to facilitating many more connections in the coming year.

Here’s to all of you in 2009. We’ll see you on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and in the blogosphere – and we’ll see you and your work on JD Supra.

The year in review:

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