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The JD Supra repository includes an ever-growing collection of law practice content from top-notch providers of legal support services. In addition to being searchable on the site, these articles are available via RSS feed and widgets, as well as in our @Law_Practice Twitter stream.

Here’s a roundup of some of the newest law practice support providers to be sharing their work on JD Supra. We thank them for participating:


Nancy Hopp – partnership manager, CT Summation: a pioneer and innovator in litigation support solutions, gives litigators innovative tools and support needed to gain control over every piece of critical data related to a case


Justia.comdedicated to providing free legal information online (also provides website, blog and SEO services).  Founder Tim Stanley shares his very own legal analysis…


Steve Matthews the founder of Stem Legal, a company that helps law firms build their online presence and increase web-driven business. Steve has been sharing his wisdom with JD Supra for  a while now – and it’s great to also see his work on the site.



David Lorenzo Founder and Chairman of DLorenzo Business Advisors, an advisory group that works directly with attorneys and independent professionals on Business Strategy, Sales, Marketing, and Work-Life Balance. In this role, his team helps solo practitioners, small groups of attorneys, and large firms



Patrick McKenna principal at Edge International and an internationally recognized authority on law practice management, Patrick has, since 1983, worked with the top management of premier law firms around the globe to discuss, challenge, and escalate their thinking on how to manage and compete effectively… 


PinPoint Labsand parent company Pivotal Guidance, Inc. address many of the issues facing forensically sound file collection, preservation, and EED processing



Rob RobinsonVice President of Marketing at Orange Legal Technologies, provider of eDiscovery services.



M. Hedayatattorney and legal technology consultant...








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Francine McKenna has more than twenty years of experience in business development, client relationship management, and project delivery in a range of industries in the professional services environment. She leads McKenna Partners LLC, a specialized consultancy, advising other professional services firms, especially those that have interests in Mexico and South America..


Martha Sperry – Advantage Advocates: provides legal research, writing, editing, ghostwriting, article drafting, firm marketing, professional bios and support services to the legal and general business communities.