New from JD Supra: Stream Your Legal Docs and Info on Facebook

We’re pleased to announce the arrival of a new tool – JD Supra Docs – that automatically streams your legal documents and professional information from JD Supra to Facebook!

JD Supra to Facebook: Connect What You Know to Who You Know

JD Supra Docs allows any lawyer or legal professional with a portfolio on JD Supra to showcase their documents and professional qualifications in Facebook.

The application "installs instantly" (contributor Ron Coleman’s words). Once done, your professional profile and all documents archived in your JD Supra profile are available – and easily viewable by your contacts – on Facebook.

Every time you post a new document on JD Supra it automatically streams to your Facebook profile. Every new doc also appears in your news feed and is announced in your friends’ news feeds. From Doug Cornelius’ news feed:


Full Feed, Mini Feed, Both?

The application allows you to choose how to present your documents to your connections on Facebook.

The full feed appears as a stand-alone tab on the Facebook profile, titled "Documents." Anyone who clicks the tab sees a complete archive of documents you have posted on JD Supra. Also available on this tab: the information you maintain in your JD Supra "Professional Profile." See examples on Ron Coleman’s Facebook profile:


The mini feed – streaming the last three docs you’ve uploaded – installs either on your "Wall" and "Info" tabs/pages, or within your "Boxes" tab. Your choice. Nicole Black’s mini feed:


We recommend installing both feeds – consider the mini box a place to announce your latest uploads, and the full feed tab as your complete archive.

The application also works on Facebook Business Pages.

(Update: we are seeing more and more lawyers and firms connecting their work to business pages in Facebook. Examples: Wolfe Law Group, Bankruptcy Filings, State Bar of Texas, Compliance Building, and ICBC Injury Claims Lawyer Erik Magraken, among others.)

JD Supra Docs is free; it only requires a presence on both JD Supra and Facebook. If you’re already  publishing on JD Supra, simply install the app and your accounts will be tethered. The next time you share legal work on JD Supra, it will automatically stream to Facebook.

If you don’t yet have a JD Supra account, sign up now. And then connect your portfolio to Facebook.

GIve Content. Get Noticed.

Written work is one of your best examples of expertise and experience in field of practice.

This tool is the latest in a series of offerings that execute on our promise to distribute your work widely online, and allow you to showcase your talent not only to who you know, but also who you might know next

For examples of the application in use, please connect with any of following JD Supra contributors; they’ve been kindly testing for us over the last few days. Thanks to: Nicole Black, Adrianos Facchetti, Rick Horowitz, Martha Sperry, Steve Silverberg, Elizabeth Lewis, Ron Coleman, Steve Matthews, Doug Cornelius, D. Todd Smith, David Leffler, Marc Stern, Lisa Solomon, and Josh Gilliland. (Simply search on their names in Facebook to connect.)

 JD Supra Docs Facebook application. Install it now!

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