Call for Work: Legal Analysis of the Obama Administration

Lawyers, law firms, legal professionals: we want to see your work. We’re building a new section on JD Supra: a collection of analysis and perspective covering all legal aspects of the incoming Obama administration. We’d like you to participate.

What is your particular legal insight into the Obama administration’s plans?

Are your sharing this information with your clients? Now publish it on JD Supra. We’ll include your work in our upcoming resource: "Legal Analysis: The Obama Administration."

If you have a tax, bankruptcy, commercial finance, manufacturing, immigration, labor & employment, or other practice area that will be impacted by the new administration’s policies, share your work with us now.

[See Legal Analysis: Financial Crisis for an example of how we treat the information.]

Historic Times

We have an incoming administration that intends to address the many historic crises we face, in large part, through major government reforms and intervention (aka legislation and regulation).

More people than ever (from CEOs to consumers to stay-at-home moms) are paying attention, looking for plain-English explanations about what the government is doing and how it might impact their lives and businesses.

Opportunity for the legal community to showcase expertise

Here is an opportunity to demonstrate value and expertise beyond the confines of a particular transaction or case.

Many legal marketers already recognize this. Their firms have been prolific producing up-to-the-minute analysis of, for example, the financial crisis as it relates to their fields of expertise. (And, there’s an audience hungry for this information. Legal analysis to do with the financial crisis is so popular that we created a separate section on JD Supra to collect and feature it.)

Now we are doing the same with legal analysis and perspective to do with the Obama administration. All aspects.

In advance of the recent election, we received many insightful articles about the implications of either a McCain or Obama victory, which we listed in a blog post: Legal Perspectives: The US Election. Now, our contributors are starting to share some excellent, forward-looking analysis. For example:

And so begins our coverage of an historic turn of events around which legal professionals have much to offer. 

This is a golden opportunity to get noticed – don’t let it pass you by.


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