Legal Marketing: Five Things to Read About Social Media

File under: online strategy.

Here are five recent articles that do an excellent job of framing the discussion around social media and it’s relationship to your online presence.

I especially like the language of "home bases," "outposts," and "frontiers" put forth by Chris Brogan, Darren Rowse, and Kyle Lacy. The metaphor works: it’s an excellent way to see that your digital footprint (the execution of your online strategy) does not happen in isolation. The trick: to connect the dots (via RSS and other methods).

We’ll revisit this metaphor in the days and weeks to come…

  1. How Big Is Your (Digital) Footprint? –  "Of course, beyond a simple Web presence, being conscious of your digital footprint is crucial to managing your online brand. What if you don’t know where to start? Here are the basics…" (verve: in bloom)
  2. Using Outposts in Your Media Strategy – "…People getting to know you on social networks might also find your content for the first time, and/or something you post to those networks might bring you an opportunity that wouldn’t immediately come to you in other ways." (Chris Brogan)
  3. Home Bases and Outposts – How I Use Social Media – "A home base is a place online that you own, that is your online ‘home’… Outposts are places that you have an online presence out in other parts of the web that you might not ‘own’." (Darren Rowse, Problogger)
  4. Home Bases, Outposts, and Frontiers: Using Social Media – "My social media definition of frontier: a website or service you have a presence on but rarely go. This is a site where you may have an RSS feed plugging your most-used social networks (Twitter) or your blog. The concept of frontier can be compared to Chris Brogan’s idea of a passport but shed in a little different light." (Kyle Lacy, Brandswag)
  5. Conversation Marketing vs. Content Marketing: What’s the Difference? – "If you are having a conversation with another person and you have something of value to contribute to that conversation, both sides benefit and the relationship will most likely continue. If you are talking to someone else, but are pitching your products or just talking about yourself and how great you are, why in the world would someone want to continue the conversation?" (Joe Pulizzi) 

Here’s one more, by’s Carolyn Elefant (author of Social Networking for Lawyers). Social Networking Continuum – "I thought I’d share a diagram … which focuses on the intermediate step of taking online relationships offline."

Comments, please: How are you managing your home bases and outposts? Let us know.