Expanding Your Online Reach with RSS and Widgets

File under: ever-expanding online reach.

This morning we announced to our users that all documents shared on JD Supra are available for distribution via RSS feeds and widgets. (Read the email announcement here.)

It is an inevitable but still very exciting development. With this next step (essentially: making your JD Supra documents extremely portable)  we’ve made it even easier for you to promote yourself by sharing your work with an online audience.


1. You Can Promote Your Work Anywhere

Now, you can distribute the documents you publish on JD Supra on any other web site, blog, social network, or start page.

After getting a sneak peek of our latest offerings, Los Angeles-based defamation attorney Adrianos Facchetti included on his professional blog a widget that lists his JD Supra documents. (See "Samples of My Work" on Facchetti’s California Defamation Blog – included on the home page and in the "About" section.)

It’s a great example of the best kind of online strategy: one that connects the dots between the various platforms on which you maintain a presence.

And the strategy works. Here’s what Adrianos told us just this morning: "I talked to a new client yesterday and he said he loved that my sample work was on my blog. Social proof!"

Social proof indeed. To promote your own work online, simply log in to your JD Supra account, grab your feed (RSS or personalized widget), and install it on your page or site of choice.


2. You Can Share Your Work With a Targeted Audience (Again & Again)

We’ve also made it possible for any web publisher to grab subject-based feeds of JD Supra documents and include them wherever they choose. With each new feed installation your work is promoted in front of an extraordinarily targeted audience.

Online legal powerhouse Justia.com has already adopted some of these feeds in its Environmental, Business Operations, and Communications & Internet Law sections. Also see the excellent Law Practice Matters blog, where Erik Mazzone has installed a widget of our Law Practice feed.

A full selection of subject-based RSS feeds and widgets is available here – includes Technology & Media, Energy & Environment, Commercial Law, and Law Practice articles. Any document uploaded to JD Supra and belonging in one of these subject areas is automatically included in the feed.

Additional examples of sites and blogs where JD Supra feeds and widgets are being used: Crosby Group Consulting, LegalPubs.ca, Vancouver Law Librarian Blog, and Ballad in Plain E.

We thank these early adopters…

Next steps:

Haven’t shared your work on JD Supra yet? Now’s the time. Give content. Get Noticed.


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