Right on the Money: The LMA’s Latest Strategies

I’ve been reading this month’s Strategies – the LMA’s excellent journal of legal marketing – and, I must say: it is right on the money (which also happens to be the issue’s focus). 

For example, below are two tips from the opening article, "Recession-Proof Your Marketing." (In the piece, John Hellerman and Maggie Schmerin offer us "Seven Tips for Getting More Bang for Your PR Buck.")

3. Leverage Content – "To be efficient and manage resources properly, it is important to spin firm-generated content into as many marketing opportunities as possible. For instance, consider the legal alert that your energy practice published and mailed: If the partners who published it are important to the firm’s business-development strategy, make sure to recycle those alert-style briefs…"

4. Create Branded Content –  "In addition to leveraging content, many firms are discovering the enormous cost-savings associated with creating branded marketing vehicles…"

Also of note:

"…third-party thought leadership quotes are not as significant as they were in the past and have lost ground to more substantive, communications-based positioning strategies"

"For firms that can muster the resolve, there’s never a better time to think outside the box, generate grass roots buzz, and deliver content in a way your competitors can’t."

In this regard, also of note is John Simpson’s "Balancing Risk and Return: A Portfolio Approach to Planning Marketing Technology Investments."

John notes that a critical part of a marketer’s success today is the ability to determine which of the many technology options works best for the firm. He proposes that marketers take a "portfolio approach" – investing time and resources into a mix of proven and new marketing vehicles and assess success based on the return that all of the efforts, combined, provide, rather than simply on the success or failure of any single element. 

The underlying message: give yourself the freedom to experiment – you may find that these experiments yield far greater returns than you expect.

We couldn’t agree more with these messages. If you are already producing and publishing legal work leverage it; if not, create it and then use the technology at your fingertips (including JD Supra) to expand it’s distribution.



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