Five Things Legal Professionals Should Know About Online Search

File under: Friday fodder. For your reading pleasure, here are links to five recent articles and/or blog posts – each one, in some fashion, to do with Search. All worth a read as you develop and fine tune your online strategy.

Teaser descriptions are intentionally brief. The point being: read them all.

  • Web 2.0 Still a No-go – article in the September issue of ABA Journal to do with online adoption by legal professionals. ("Just the beginning.") Of note: "practically everyone" conducts legal research online. (2008 number: 96%. Five years ago: 79%.)
  • SEO for Law Firms: Why Adwords is Not the Solution – in an informed, well-reasoned position piece, Stem Legal’s Steve Matthews asks: "Are you building assets or just renting space?" (Among other excellent questions to do with using Adwords to market your service.)
  • Search Engine Use – latest findings from the Pew Internet & Anerican Life Project (initially reported by Lexblog’s Kevin O’Keefe.) Just under a half (49%) of Internet users use search in a typical day. (Up from roughly one-third in 2002.)
  • "Google is the New Resume" – actual title of this post is The Socialization of Your Personal Brand, and in it PR leader Brian Solis frames his analysis around one key characteristic of online search: "Truth be told, any search engine, whether social or traditional, is the resume – it’s the Wikipedia entry for the rest of us."
  • Unlearn What You Have Learned –  David Meerman Scott at This excellent piece on online marketing today was originally featured by Doug Cornelius at KM Space. Read both. Cornelius captured and quoted what you must know about search…

Stay tuned for more Friday fodder – links to recommended reading covering a range of strategic subjects. (One guess as to when we publish the feature?)

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