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File under: great timing. This morning, as I considered a quick post about "Influence" (linking to blogs or blog posts outside of the legal realm that nevertheless "influence my expertise"), Stem Legal’s Steve Matthews tagged me to jump into the latest meme: 5 Blogs & 5 Blawgers.

The idea, if it isn’t already clear to you: list five great non-legal blogs, then tag five blawgers to do the same.

Surprisingly willing to participate in the closest thing the blogosphere has to MLM, here’s my list. Hope you enjoy it:

  • Junta42 Blog – ground zero for everything you need to know about content marketing. Evangelist Joe Pulizzi has built a rich clearinghouse of CM information at Junta42, and his blog is just tip of the iceberg.
  • Corante – "Corante blogs examine, through the eyes of leading observers, analysts, thinkers, and doers, critical themes and memes in technology, business, law, science, and culture." Excellent source for thought-provoking analysis of the current cultural landscape.
  • Webware – perhaps too predictable a choice, but CNET’s Webware ("Cool Web Apps for Everyone")  is a daily source of news for me. And it is published as a blog. And it deserves to be listed. Enough said.
  • Copyblogger – tagline: "copywriting tips for online marketing success." Agreed. A reliable , consistently worthwhile source of "writing advice" for those interested in online marketing. Much of what I read here resonates with what I’ve learned over the years as a writer and editor.
  • Cha Dao – the fun entry. To say that I am a tea geek is an understatement. It’s all about Chinese tea in our household – loose leaf oolongs and aged pu-erhs. Cha Dao, a collaborative blog (in which I sometimes participate), is one of the handful of ways I stay informed and learn. Esoteric? Sure. But where else can yours truly hold forth on Tea Moons, Mesostics, and Circle Poems


That’s the list – catch me tomorrow and it might look a little different.

And now, apologies in advance to all five of them, the blawgers I’ve tagged to keep this going: Mike McBride, Nicole Black, Jordan Furlong, Michael Rice, and Kelly Phillips Erb (aka TaxGirl).