What type of legal documents should I upload to JD Supra?

Lawyers frequently ask us this question. Our answer: share any legal documents that help to demonstrate your experience and expertise.

JD Supra hosts filings and decisions in cases of national significance (as well as legal alerts and articles created by attorneys at some of the most prestigious firms), but neither situation is a requirement for a legal professional interested in participating on the site.

Our collection of legal documents is as varied as the group of professionals contributing to it.

Here are diverse examples of quality written work shared on JD Supra that have generated lots of views (and, as a consequence, exposure) for their contributors:

[One document listed here has received more views than any other on JD Supra – including the petition to cancel Facebook’s Trademark. Can you guess which it is? Answer below*.]

Our analytics show that the more you publish, the more traffic your profile will receive – and yet, when it comes to marketing and business development, it only takes one good connection between your work and a researcher to reap the benefits of sharing on JD Supra.

(Example: while many people have found Doug Cornelius’s form FIRPTA Affidavit, above, it was the fact that the right person saw his less-trafficked article: LinkedIn to My Facebook on My Blog – Social Media for Lawyers and Law Firm Staff, that made the difference.)

So, cast a wide net. Share a diverse range of work that shows what you do, what you know.

What to upload? Articles, forms, filings, decisions, newsletters, alerts – the choice is yours.

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 [*Answer: at time of writing the Sample Family Trust, included above, has received more views on JD Supra than any other document.]