Jones Day v. BlockShopper LLC; Jewel v. NSA, and more Hot Doc from EFF

This just in from the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) – the amicus brief in support of defendant‘s motion to dismiss the lawsuit filed by Jones Day against the real estate news site. Jones Day has alleged that BlockShopper’s use of the trademark "Jones Day" to refer to the firm in a headline and linking to the Jones Day website could lead to confusion over the sponsorship of the site.

The brief, filed by EFF and Public Citizen, joined by Public Knowledge and Citizen Media Law Project, urges the federal judge in Chicago to dismiss Jones Day’s claims, on the ground that they are  aimed at quashing speech by an online news site.

According to the Amici:

If Jones Day’s trademark theory were correct, no news site or blog could use marks to identify markholders, or links to point to further information about the markholders, without risking a lawsuit.

Other hot docs in from EFF:

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