Legal Marketing: Five Things to Know about Content

File under: legal marketing strategy.

Here are five recent articles/blog posts that cover, each in their own way, the essential topic of "Content" – especially as it pertains to executing an online marketing plan.

As always, annotations are intentionally brief; you’d be best served reading each piece in its entirety:

  1. Google’s Sam Sebastian on B-to-B Content Strategy – "… ‘build mountains of content’ and distribute to customers and prospects in a targeted manner." (Junta42)
  2. Legal Marketing Strategy: It’s All About Keywords and Tails – "[Find] what makes your attorney’s office or law firm unique and brainstorm a list of those services and characteristics." (The Rainmaker Blog)
  3. Ware are You? Web Content Delivery Strategies –  "…I was surprised when a web search didn’t turn up a set of categories for classifying web content delivery strategies. This article proposes a set of buckets and draws a few conclusions about content delivery…" (The Content Wrangler)
  4. How Content Marketing Will Shake The Tree – "Why spend time, money, and creative effort making fake, glossy, slick pieces of marketing material when something honest and informative … would likely do a better job?" (Chris Brogan)
  5. Sharing Good Content Trumps Pushing Slick Marketing – "good content drives traffic, builds credibility with readers, establishes expertise and – ultimately – results in more sales, more members, more donors, more volunteers, more ‘whatevers.’” (verve: in bloom)

You’ve heard us say this before: lawyers, law firms, legal professionals are prolific generators of quality content. You do it every day during your course of practice. The legal profession is perfectly suited for developing an online strategy that involves content marketing.

If you are creating case filings, alerts, articles, newsletters, and other legal documents – you should be sharing the work online. Jump onto JD Supra and start content marketing now.

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