Increase Your Online Visibility (In One Easy Step)

Sexy title, but is it really possible to increase online visibility in one easy step?

Actually, yes, it is. Here’s how: 

Repurpose. Share your daily written work online.

It’s a common refrain around here. We were inspired to, ahem, repurpose it after reading a post at Allison Shields’ excellent Legal Ease Blog – a blog that comes with the tagline: "Helping lawyers and law firm managers create more productive, profitable and enjoyable practices and prevent ‘Lawyer Meltdown’."

Allison regularly publishes into the mix a Do Something! feature in which she offers practical advice to lawyers and firms centered around a single action. (For examples, see the entire category of posts, linked here.)

The recent entry that inspired us? Do Something! Repurpose:

…I’m willing to bet that you can find even more to repurpose (and save yourself time, effort and money in the process) that you hadn’t thought about.

Marketing is a great place to repurpose, particularly with all of the new technology that’s in place for marketing. Don’t think you have time to blog, do seminars, write articles, network and follow up with individual clients by sending them information relevant to their business? If you’re doing one of those things, chances are that you can repurpose what you’re doing into at least two more, with minimal effort. In fact, you can repurpose your legal work into your marketing efforts as well. 

Allison’s two examples (research for a specific case; conducting a seminar) hinge upon leveraging expertise to create marketing materials for a wider audience. (Turn your research into a case study; turn your seminar into an article; etc.) And this is exactly the point.

To repurpose is to leverage your strengths. 

You have expertise and authority in your field of practice. Your daily written work (articles, alerts, newsletters, legal documents, filings) is, again, the first example of this. Repurpose it – leverage it – publish it online. The alternative: use it once, then let it collect dust.

Publishing work that is then indexed by the search engines (our own, as well as Google, Yahoo!, Ask and, most recently, Lexis Search Advantage) – that’s the first step towards increasing online visibility.

There are many other steps – proactive steps that are, themselves, additional types of online repurposing. They also happen to be some of the best reasons why today’s online landscape is so incredibly exciting. Stay tuned over the coming weeks as we discuss them right here – discuss how to use them to reach a wider audience…

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