Stay Informed: JD Supra Legal Digests via Email

A quick note to say that we now deliver via e-mail a monthly digest of the top legal articles, alerts, and newsletters published on JD Supra. Here’s how it works:

  • Lawyers, law firms, and other legal professionals publish their work on JD Supra. (We’re building a rich collection of valuable legal docs freely available to everyone; it grows daily.)
  • We put together an annotated reading list, distilling for our audience the top uploads of articles, alerts, newsletters for the month.
  • The digest covers a wide range of legal subjects from a diverse group of authoritative sources. Once a month, it arrives in your in-box.
  • Rinse, repeat.

For an idea of what kind of reading to expect arriving in your in-box, see Aviva Cuyler’s Monthly Digest for July, posted recently on this blog. We’ve been publishing a version of the digest on JD Scoop for quite some time (see others here and here). Now you can stay informed by e-mail.

  • And if you have something to offer the mix, be sure to join JD Supra and start publishing your work now. The audience, like the collection of documents, grows daily.

Our first digest is a general list of top work published during the month. Soon we will be introducing additional subect- and industry-specific email offerings. Stay tuned for those.

Sign up for the digest on the site right now. Look on most pages for the "Legal Digests" prompt – including on the JD Supra homepage and here: our JD Supra Profiles page. (Refresh the page if you don’t see it, on the right.)