JD Supra Roundup: Top Searches in July

Here’s a quick look at some of the top subject-based searches on JD Supra for the month of July – organized into their relevant areas:

  1. Real Estate/Finance – includes searches on bankruptcy, real estate, lease, forced redemption, mortgage, foreclosure
  2. Commercial Law & Contracts – includes: contract, agreement
  3. Intellectual Property – includes: trademark, patent, copyright
  4. Trusts & Estates – includes: will, wills, trust, trusts
  5. Labor & Employment – includes discrimination, erisa, retaliation
  6. Family Law – includes divorce and custody
  7. Immigration
  8. Torts – includes fraud, negligence, defamation
  9. Securities
  10. Class Action – includes class action, dismissal of class action

If you’re trying determine what work of your own to publish on JD Supra, use this list as a guide. Upload whatever filings, decisions, articles, alerts, and newsletters you have that might pertain to these top subject areas and related keywords.

As we wrote last month, contributors ranking highest in the results publish frequently on JD Supra. That’s how our Google-powered engine works: the more you share, the more you are noticed.