JD Supra Roundup – Top Subject-Area Searches for June

Here’s a look at some of the top subject-area searches (and their results) for June on JD Supra:

  1. Contract – top results come from Morrison & Foerster, yours truly,  Liang Yongwen, Christopher Hill, and Kalow & Springut.
  2. Trademark – leading the results are  Morrison & Foerster, Kalow & Springut, Cantor Colburn, EFF, Jim Bowman, and PCT Law Group PLLC.
  3. Divorce – top docs from Hodes, Pessin & Katz; Michael Hamden; James W. Hart; Jimmy L. Verner; Daniel Janich; and VIctoria Pynchon.
  4. Immigration – top results from Morley Law Office; Mintz Levin’s immigration group; Amy Becerra; International Legal Counsel; Edward Reisman; and Tindall & Foster, P.C.
  5. CPLR -top contributors include Gary E. Rosenberg; Ezratty, Ezratty & Levine; Robert Stein, Esq.; and Kenneth Fink.
  6. Real Estate – leading the results are Mintz Levin’s real estate practice group, Clark Wilson, Lane Powell, Morrison & Foerster, and Ellyn Law.
  7. Patent – leading the results are Cantor Colburn, Morrison & Foerster, G. Christopher Ritter, Mintz Levin’s Intellectual Property practice group, and Kalow & Springut.
  8. Antitrust -tops on the results are Schatz, Nobel, Izard, PC; EPIC; Mitchell J. Kassoff; John Pentz; and Morrison & Foerster.
  9. Bankruptcy – docs on top from Alicia Butler; Schatz, Nobel & Izard, PC; Victoria Pynchon; Marc Stern; R. Scott Gardner; Mitchell J. Kassoff; and Mitchell Matorin.
  10. Disability – top results from Mark BoveLaw Offices of Matthew S. Mansfield, P.C.; Lane Powell; Richard L. Shea; Helene Wasserman; Brown, Brown & Brown, P.C.; and  Doug Cornelius.

Not surprisingly, contributors are coming up tops for searches within their areas of specialty. 

The results also reflect just how our Google-powered search engine works: the more documents you upload, the more related documents you upload, and the more often you upload documents, the greater weight the search engine gives your work in the search results.

The lesson? Should be obvious.