Lane Powell Knows the Landscape – Inside and Out

 Lane Powell

Lane Powell’s tag line: "Know the Landscape."

Clearly the firm knows the legal landscape of the industries it serves; but Lane Powell also ensures that leaders in these industries know the landscape, too. As attorneys, we have a wealth of valuable information to share that demonstrates our expertise.  Converting the analysis we do every day of recent legislation and case law into a one or two page memo is one great way to do this. For perfect examples of this type of content marketing in action (and it is excellent content marketing), look at two recent posts by the firm on JD Supra:

These brief, well-written alerts are crafted with Lane Powell’s target audience in mind.

By sending them to their clients, Lane Powell re-enforces its expertise, and proves it is serious when it says: "we’re proactive about guiding our clients and helping them successfully compete." 

By sharing these alerts on JD Supra, Lane Powell leverages its work to a wider audience. The firm establishes expertise, value, and authority to prospective new clients and referrals – even before they are looking for legal services – which is the best time to connect. 

Imagine that you are a business leader searching for information about GINA and you come upon the above-mentioned alert. It does its job: informs, tells you exactly what you need to do to comply. You click through to Lane Powell’s profile, read other Labor & Employment alerts, which are equally helpful. You keep an eye out for Lane Powell’s latest updates, make a regular habit of it, counting on the alerts to provide valuable information for your business.  (Yes, they’re that authoritative.)

One day you face an employment issue for which you need legal counsel. 

Who would you call?