JD Supra Contributors: The More You Give, The More They Notice

A simple definition of marketing: "Getting someone who has a need to know, like, and trust you." (Italics are ours.)

The language comes from marketing coach John Jantsch (author of Duct Tape Marketing) by way of Joe Pulizzi in a post yesterday at Pulizzi’s excellent Junta42 blog.

Pulizzi recently attended a presentation by Jantsch; yesterday’s post is a recap of the event, a must-read not only for small business marketers and entrepreneurs, but for anyone who is interested in making the most of online technologies to reach new clients. To reach someone with a need.

Despite the slightly awkward construction, we like this simple explanation of marketing – it brings your audience front-and-center: "someone who has a need." And it focuses on your job in the transaction: "getting [them] to know, like, and trust you."

In our particular context "someone who has a need" is easy to understand: people have a daily need for legal information and legal services. (You know this already.)

So the question becomes: how do you get all of those people to notice you?

Share your work. It speaks for itself as one of the best examples of your excellence and expertise.

And cast a wide net. Don’t simply build a profile, upload two documents from a recent project, and wait for something to happen.

Be proactive – it’s how to stand out in an online crowd. The more you share the more you increase your odds of making a connection with someone looking for legal information. That is the nature of content marketing. That is how to start a relationship with someone (a colleague, a new client, a referral)  that potentially leads to being known, trusted, liked – and we should add: employed.