JD Supra Profiles: You Are the Content in Content Marketing

 At JD Supra we like the term content marketing. It describes one key service of our user-generated legal research directory. Lawyers and members of the legal community share their content in order to build the directory (briefs, articles, decisions, filings) – and as a result they’re able to market themselves to anyone using the directory by calling attention to one of the most compelling pieces of marketing material available to them, their product, their expertise, the written evidence of their daily work.

But, there’s more to it. You – not just your legal documents – are part of the story. Undoubtedly you’ve seen it written in other ways in the marketing books and on blogs ("You are your own brand!"). At JD Supra, think of it like this: via your professional profile, you are your first piece of content in content marketing. (Consider that the profile is not just available to visitors at JDSupra.com; often it is also what people see when they, to borrow a phrase, "Google" you.)

Meaning? Take full advantage of your JD Supra profile. Make it human, tell a story, stand out in the crowd. Definitely include your academic and professional accreditations, your employment history, your publications, your professional successes – referrals and prospective clients will want to see all of this information – but also use the page to paint the whole picture. Describe how you make a difference, how you made a difference. Don’t just give your title; explain your role. (And if you are part of a large firm with a single presence on JD Supra, stand up and create your very own profile.)

There is no single way to do this. Quoted from active JD Supra profiles, here are a few varied examples of the kind of extra language we think makes a difference:

"Some of my cases involve representing petitioners and aliens where the CIS has denied (or revoked its approval of) a petition, and who are advised by the agency that ‘there is no appeal from this decision.’ It has been my pleasure to prove them wrong on several occasions."
Edward Reisman

"A law firm founded by six Muslim women, they realized, was likely a first in the nation, and indeed, their investigation confirmed their suspicions. Carrying this banner and their passion for the law, the partners understood that they were paving a new path for future Muslim women, providing society an example … and giving hope to a community …"
Amal Law Group

"Hagan’s research continues to fuse crime and justice issues, examining the projection of human rights advocacy in an era characterized by the increasing perpetration of war crimes. His current work on Darfur argues that criminology has too long neglected crimes against humanity and genocide, ‘the crime of crimes.’"
John Hagan

How are you telling your story?