Content Marketing to an Online World: What’s the Real Question You Should Be Asking?

The old, million dollar question has been: ‘Where do you find your clients?"
But a simple rephrasing can make all the difference to understanding the current power of online technologies available to all of us.

The new question, what you should be asking: "Where do your clients find you?"

It is a mind shift at the core of what is so powerful today about legal content marketing in an online environment. You don’t always find your clients; more often they find you.

What are you doing about that? Maybe that’s the real question.

When you consider that more than a quarter of all Americans turn to the Internet to find information about legal matters (comScore Study, 2006), you begin to see the meaning in JD Supra’s tagline: "Give Content. Get Noticed."

JD Supra has been open to the public for just over a month. In that time visitors have been directed to our growing database of legal documents and professional profiles for a variety of reasons. A quick scan of external searches that brought people to JD Supra (the queries coming to us but originating elsewhere, at sites like Google and Yahoo!) shows that in March, 2008, people spent significant time online looking for information on, among things

– estate planning,
– naturalization,
– privacy,
– real estate,
– taxes,
– legal definitions,

and so on. (Check back: in future we will break it down even further, with lists of some of the most popular external and internal searches.)

If you’re not already doing so, you should be participating in this.