ABA TechShow 2008: The Keynote Address

I am running from one great event to another, here in Chicago at the ABA TechShow 2008, which is jam-packed with presentations by some of the greatest minds in legal technology today. 

I just attended the fascinating keynote address by Marc Rotenberg, entitled "Who’s Watching You? A Conversation About Privacy on the Internet."  Marc is the Executive Director of the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), which is doing great work to protect our right to privacy.

Among the interesting topics discussed (and on which EPIC has often taken a stand):

  • Government efforts not only to track existing information about individuals, but also to create new tracking methods such as the ability to follow an individual’s movements in public spaces – through surveillance combined with face recognition technology (spooky).
  • Warrantless border searches of laptops and, worse yet, "body imaging" by the TSA and Homeland Security – which, in the process of going through our airline security checkpoints, essentially captures a nude digital image of fully dressed individuals without their knowledge, that can be shown on any PC compatible device.
  • The ability (or lack thereof) to remove your personal data from social networking sites. According to Marc, site operators may make it increasingly possible to remove this data – which heretofore has been difficult to achieve. But, of course, there are also sites that aggregate this data from other sources, and may not allow you to remove it. (As an aside: JD Supra’s Terms give every contributor the right to remove their content from the site in the unlikely event they wish to do so and prohibit unauthorized use of the site content by third parties.)

I had an opportunity to speak with Marc after his presentation – and hopefully, EPIC will be sharing some of its great work in the law with all of us on JD Supra, soon ๐Ÿ™‚