ABA TechShow 2008: JD Supra Everywhere

Greetings again from the floor of the ABA TechShow in Chicago, where earlier I had the pleasure of meeting Jordan Furlong, in his own words: "a lawyer and legal journalist specializing in law practice innovation, legal business trends, and the changing landscape of the legal profession." (He is currently Editor-in-Chief of the Canadian Bar Association’s magazine National; you can keep up with his blog at http://law21.ca.)

Look for an upcoming article he kindly wrote for us – for you, really – regarding ways to craft posts to JD Supra’s "The Scoop" section specifically with journalists in mind. I hope Jordan doesn’t mind me sharing this funny story: apparently when he arrived at the TechShow and saw the JD Supra logo on all of our name tags, he assumed they belonged to employees. "That person works at JD Supra," he thought. "And that person. And that person" And so on.

Took him a while to realize JD Supra had sponsored the lanyard. I am here, though, and I most certainly do work for JD Supra. Next year we’ll have a booth. In the meantime, if you are hoping to meet for a tour of our service or just a conversation, please feel free to call me directly on my cell phone (415-209-4138).

And if the ABA sponsorship has brought you to JD Supra, I say: welcome, thanks for visiting! I know you don’t work for us, but we most certainly can work for you. Please join us!