New to JD Supra: Two Legal Marketing Luminaries Join the Community

JD Supra is happy to announce the arrival of two new contributors, each a luminary in the legal marketing field and, despite the following short biographies, really in no need of an introduction:

Often described as the grandfather (and godfather) of Internet legal marketing, Gregory Siskind is the founder of Siskind Susser Bland, one of the largest immigration law firms in North America. He is also a co-founder of Visalaw International – the Global Immigration Law Alliance – and works with many of the world’s top immigration specialists assisting companies and individuals to relocate anywhere in the world. Mr. Siskind is the very definition of an early adapter and has leveraged the power of content marketing via online technologies for more than a decade. The Siskind Susser Bland site, launched in June, 1994, "was the first immigration law firm web site and one of the very first law firm web sites in any category." The firm was also the first to distribute their newsletters using listserv and one the first to serve clients via Internet voice and video conferencing. Mr. Siskind is the author of, among other publications, The Lawyers Guide to Marketing on the Internet. You can read his blog here.

Bruce W. Marcus is a pioneer in law firm and professional services marketing. He is the publisher and editor of the online publication The Marcus Letter and the blog, The Marcus Perspective. His writing has appeared in major business, professional, and financial publications, and he has been a regular columnist for several Microsoft industry pages. Mr. Marcus has been a speech writer for many of the Fortune 500 companies, and major national political figures, including Robert Kennedy and Senator Jacob Javits, and was the author of a major report for President Carter. As a marketing consultant and strategic market planner, he has served a diversified clientele that includes most of the Big Four accounting firms and their predecessors, and many major law firms. It is always an extraordinary pleasure to read precise thinking well captured by precise writing – Mr. Marcus typifies the very best of such precision. Be careful: start with just one of his excellent newsletters (available here) and you will find yourself sucked in and thoroughly enjoying them all.

[The above passages borrow language from their respective JD Supra profiles, as well as]