What’s The Scoop? Getting media attention for your work on JD Supra

In a recent post, Steve Matthews showed how The Scoop section on JD Supra creates an excellent opportunity for you to showcase your work directly to the media.

Indeed, we built The Scoop specifically to generate media attention for our contributors and to give reporters and editors hot leads on new stories with a steady supply of "buzzworthy" legal documents, filings, and decisions before they’re available anywhere else. This fresh source of legal news even has its own RSS feed.

Any JD Supra member can include a document in The Scoop by designating it as "Hot" during the posting process (on the document upload page). But if you do plan on participating, please start by reading these extraordinarily helpful writing tips, put together for the JD Supra community by lawyer and legal journalist Jordan Furlong.  "Think like a reporter." That’s Mr. Furlong’s first tip (and he would know: currently he serves as editor-in-chief of the Canadian Bar Association’s magazine, National, and writes a blog at http://law21.ca). Additional tips (example: "Don’t write like a lawyer") and samples of excellent document summaries are available for your consideration here.

We’re thrilled and grateful that a member the legal media would not only be excited by The Scoop but go so far as to contribute writing tips to make it more useful and usable for his journalist colleagues. Thank you, Jordan Furlong.

[Stay tuned for an upcoming round-up of recent Scoops.]