The Crest of the Content Marketing Wave: JD Supra Contributors

Content marketing is not the wave of the future – it is the essential marketing tool of the present  – and JD Supra contributors are on the crest of this wave.

As Joe Pulizzi reports,"Marketing today is all about publishing":

Leading marketing organizations such as IBM and Siemens are focusing the majority of their time, attention and resources on the creation and distribution of their own content to customers and prospects .

. . . By providing this type of content marketing and setting up the building blocks for a long-term relationship, the opportunity is now available to actually sell your solutions, because they trust you, have a stake in your brand, and believe in your solutions-oriented message.

The whole idea of this, even ten years ago, would seem like the hard way to increase sales. Today, it’s the only way.

Just yesterday, Brian Ritchey of More Partner Income also wrote about the increasing role of substantive content provision in business marketing, and the importance of "information-driven business development for law firms" (the post does not seem to be available today). While Brian primarily focused on blogs, the leading marketing organizations are not only blogging, they are creating "relevant and compelling content consistently, and in multiple formats" and syndicating that content on other websites.

The best news of all – unlike IBM and Siemens, we don’t need to expend enormous resources to create compelling content – as lawyers, our product is content, and with JD Supra, it is easier than ever to get that content in front of prospective clients in a way they can easily access.