Welcome to JD Scoop – the JD Supra blog

I am thrilled to announce that, after a year and half in development, JD Supra – the free, online venue for the legal community to share its work – has finally launched!

Getting to this day has been fun and challenging. A venture into a new world. The best part of this experience has been meeting, working with, and getting to know, an entirely new community – programmers, designers, bloggers, web strategists and developers, who have overwhelmed me with their warmth, support, and advice (albeit sometimes unasked for).

Among the advice I received, was that we must have a JD Supra blog. Like many people, my first response was: “but I don’t have time to maintain a blog.” Thankfully, I called Kevin at LexBlog anyway.  With his help, I realized that, rather than simply a distraction from the work of JD Supra, this blog is a gift – an opportunity to continually experience, and stay in touch with, the passion that was my impetus for founding JD Supra.

That passion arises from my abiding belief that:

  • “Great work in the law” happens everyday . . .

    . . . in artfully drafted pleadings, well-written briefs, hard won decisions, creative contracts, scholarly articles, and newsletters that keep our clients up-to-date on developments in the law that affect them;

    . . . in pro bono work for indigent clients and multi-million dollar transactions for international corporations;

    . . . in the passion and creativity that a new attorney brings to a brief, and in a seasoned attorney’s application of foresight and experience to a complex transaction;

    . . . in the cases we win and in the cases we lose; in the transactions we facilitate and in the litigation we help our clients avoid altogether.

  • This work should be freely accessible to everyone because it has incredible value beyond the confines of a particular case and its parties; and
  • This work should be accessible in a way that gives the lawyers behind it the recognition and exposure they deserve.

JD Scoop is our opportunity to highlight some of the great work that lawyers are doing, and sharing on JD Supra, as well as to hear, and respond to, questions and comments from JD Supra users. So, please share your great work on JD Supra; tell us about your scoop, so we can feature it on our blog; and share your questions and thoughts so that we can improve JD Supra for you.