JD Supra in the News (or: “Launch website. Get noticed.”)

Here is a brief roundup of some of the coverage we’ve seen since our launch earlier in the week. Thank you, editors, writers, bloggers, for starting conversations and spreading the good word. (For a comprehensive list of related links please see JD Supra’s In the News page.)

The Wall Street Journal Law Blog: "… JD Supra is a new site that allows lawyers of all stripes to post court docs, filings, articles, client alerts — anything relevant to a case, really — for others who are doing legal research. The homepage has a cool sidebar that keeps track of who’s contributing the most docs."

ABA Law Journal: "… JD Supra also offers a free platform for attorneys and others involved in legal matters to market themselves and identify individuals with useful expertise. A search page allows them to look for relevant material by jurisdiction, subject matter and document type."

National Post: "JD Supra launches the YouTube of law… Let the posting begin!"

Justia Law, Technology, and Legal Marketing Blog: "… We are encouraging all of the law firms we work with to participate and share with JDSupra’s law library. By working together we can help build a great new legal research library. This is a very nice start of a new free research service!"

WisBlawg From the UW Law Library: "… It’s not only that JD Supra is facilitating the sharing of legal content – there are other sites do that, like DocStoc or Scribd – but what makes it unique is that it is able to lend some authority to those documents by tying them to author profiles. As a librarian, I’m much more likely to rely on a source when I can verify the expertise of its author. [It’s] quite ingenious actually."

MyShingle.com: "… JD Supra gives solo and small firm lawyers a way to strut their stuff.  By posting documents, other lawyers can get a sense of what your work product is like.  And by uploading a document, you gain a listing in JD Supra , which is another way to gain visibility online."

One mention that generated an interesting conversation around the JD Supra virtual water cooler comes from LawyerKM: Knowledge Management & Technology for Lawyers and Law Firms. The post – titled "Is JD Supra inter-law firm Knowledge Management?" – asks: "are any firms going to share the good stuff — the “intellectual capital” that really gives them the competitive advantage over the other firms out there?"

Two days into our launch and we’re thrilled to see a question such as this one. We hope that this is not just the beginning of a worthwhile dialog about Knowledge Management but also the start of a conversation that goes to the very heart of it all: the way we value information today in the face of dramatic technological innovation (ie., web and internet and the technologies they bring forth).

[Finally, taking a page from Tim Stanley’s book (actually from the bottom of his Justia Law posting about JD Supra) here’s what we’re listening to today: Grateful Dead, live at Roscoe Maples Pavilion, Stanford University – Feb 9, 1973. Downloaded from the Internet Archive, streaming directly to our ears.]